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Star Trek Live Wallpaper

1.36 usd

The wallpaper features an abandoned space ship from the Star Trek universe orbiting a planet/sun. Fully animated and always in movement, slow and should give back the emptiness and silence of space. Rendered with Rajawali game engine for Android 4.0+ devices it makes for an excellent LWP.The Planet in the background serves as a light source, i felt that it was too dark having only an empty space behind the ship.
Most of the applications on the store require access to stuff (ex: phonebook, internet and network connection etc.) that they normally should not have to. This LWP will require no additional permission other then to use it as a LWP, also I would like to point out that after purchasing there are NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Many applications online after being bought request additional charges witch is really annoying.
While it is a fully 3D background every step had been made to reduce battery drain as much as possible. With normal phone usage (and by that i mean not staring the background for hours) it drained between 3 and 4 % of battery power between charges.
If you have any issues or questions do not hesitate to contact me on
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